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YEU - a new world full of surprises!
YEU - a new world full of surprises!

Dear YEU friends and colleagues,

another year is coming to an end, full of YEU events across Europe – we were learning, educating, innovating, changing ourselves and people around us, simply, dreaming together for better world we are living in.

Although in YEU for very long time, I have never imagined, until some months ago, that I will become YEU president in 2014. But, YEU is, as always, full of surprises and I was very happy to accept nomination for president.

Getting closer to YEU’s 30th birthday in 2016, we are also going back to 2 year mandate of YEU Governing Board and I am happy that newly elected team will be participating in planning of celebration of YEU anniversary. However, we do have a lot of work to do as YEU is a growing network – changing with the course of time, but still keeping the spirit of YEU family and solidarity we have been nurturing for such a long time.

Together with my colleagues, I will be working on supporting the growth of new generations to come by focusing on:

Capacity building of MOs: stronger member organizations lead towards stronger YEU. We need well-built grounds in order to strengthen our young leaders’ growth.

Being voice of young people: we must listen – needs of young people around Europe are changing and we need to understand and provide the space for expressing opinions and realizing actions.

Innovating for personal, socio-educational and professional development of young people: developing non-formal education methodologies and youth work models to support young people’s competences acquirement and learning process.

Our work will be focusing on several priority areas: 1) Non-formal education and youth work; 2) Human rights and social cohesion/youth participation and citizenship; 3) Environmental care; 4) Network development and professionalization; 5) YEU external cooperation, recognition and positioning.

Being an organization built on intercultural dialogue, diversity and solidarity, YEU is providing a lot of space to grow. My main point of the agenda as president will be empowerment of new YEU leaders that can carry on the legacy of almost 30 years we and others have built before us.

So, let’s continue working! We are wishing you a great 2015 and many YEU years together!

Antonio Lapadula

YEU President

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December 2014
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