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Jovana Vukovic – “Mykola Pekh” award YEU Youth Worker of the Year!
Jovana Vukovic – “Mykola Pekh” award YEU Youth Worker of the Year!

The winner of the “Mykola Pekh” award YEU Youth Worker of the Year is Jovana Vukovic!

Jovana, 20, comes from Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina has been active in youth work on local level since she was 11. Couple of years ago, she got involved in international youth work as well. Her will to go to YEU training for facilitators in Ganja, Azerbaijan in 2012 was so strong that she managed to get the co-funding from UNDP to travel there and learn more about facilitation skills. Jovana currently studies in Vienna, Austria.

Jovana has been nominated by her Member Organization, Cerebra. About Jovana, president of Cerebra, Dejan Tatic has only words of praise: “Jovana manages, even though being very young, to impress with deep insights and proactive ideas. Her strength is her endurance and seemingly endless motivation towards the work she is doing. I believe that her work is inspired by the true and honest wish to make positive changes in the world and that she isn’t using flowery phrases but feeds her words from her experience. I would always trust her with tasks that require management capacities, due to her positive approach she manages to finish tasks without stress and a calming influence on co-workers.”

When asked why she became a youth worker, Jovana answers: “If I didn't become a youth worker, I have no idea what else could I be :) Simply I found myself doing this.”

The award will be delivered during YEU General Assembly on November 29th in Bruges, Belgium.

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