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Why is YEU Convention important to YEU?

Marko Paunovic

I believe that it is very important to emphasize the importance of International Youth Convention (IYC) for YEU. YEU was built on the tradition of IYC because it was running already 3 years before YEU was founded in Strasbourg in 1986. Until now, Conventions have involved approximately 1500 young people, mainly newcomers who continued after to run the organizations. IYC has always been giving inspiration, motivation and warm welcoming for new young people to our network.
In the last Convention in Ukraine, we set up very ambitious agenda of having 90 participants. We manage to have 85 of them and around 50 participants were for the first time in YEU event. It is great and I hope to see them in upcoming activities again!
It was my 5th Convention as a Core Team or Facilitator and I believe this one brought some new insights and surprises. When I was attending Convention for the first time in 2004, 3 days before the end of the event I was hoping that it would continue forever - that’s one of the reasons why I am in youth work until today. I hope that some participants had the same feeling in Ukraine!
Until Serbia 2011! Cheers!

YEU Secretary general




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