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Mykola Pekh who will always inspire us
Mykola Pekh who will always inspire us


Dear friends, we are very sad to inform you that our friend and leader of our Member Organization Institute of Ukrainian Studies, Mykola Pekh has suddenly passed away. Mykola gave great contribution to YEU work and he will be truly missed. Mykola, thank you for all the great moments we had together around Europe, you will always be in our hearts.

"As it’s very hard to understand that you have lost someone close, it’s even harder to put your feelings and emotions on the blank piece of paper. I have lost my friend, my brother Mykola. I am trying now to remember when and where I meet him, but it’s also difficult... I have a feeling that I knew him forever. One thing that all of us share knowing Mykola is his strong personality and ability to inspire everyone around him, which I noticed being with him on numerous youth events around Europe. Youth work and constant fight for improvement of youth rights in Ukraine and Europe in general was his life and passion. Being a president of our member organization Institute of Ukrainian studies, he gave his enormous contribution in developing documents for youth with disabilities or how he called it difabilities. Sharing his enthusiasm in making this world a better place for young people, I am assured that his legacy will continue trough us who were privileged to know and work with him. With these thoughts on my mind I will celebrate his life and remember him as a true hero." Vladimir Mitrovic

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June 2014
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