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Marko Paunovic

Our current Communications and Policy Manager Gabriella Civico has been offered a new job position which she will start in July and it means that some re-adjustment inside AO was needed.  Since we are almost closing a mandate in November 2010 my first priority has been to seek to maintain continuity in this especially busy period of the summer and early autumn.
After discussion with Triin Rebane, our current project co-ordinator for the “Interactive Train” and Newsmail Editor it was agreed that she will take over the management of other communication/project issues that were previously under Gabriella's portfolio of work since she is already part of the team. 
Due to the changes in YEU related to opening a second office in Brussels it will also be necessary to have a new staff member based in Portugal to assistant with administration tasks connected with the management of projects and administrative grant but also with developing the initiative in Faro connected with the possibilities offered by project Eurogames2010.
This new arrangement with will be in place (solution) until the end of November by which time we will know the outcomes of the GA and the Secretary General mandated by the GA will be able to put together a new team for 2011.
In a moment we are searching for suitable solution for office in Brussels and if you have some nice ideas please contact me or any other Governing Board member.
I believe that you will join me in congratulating Gabriella for her new role and thanking her for the contribution she has made to the development of YEU during last 2 and half years.
We continue to expand and grow and I am looking forward to welcoming a new member to AO bringing new energy and ideas that we need!


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