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Workplan of GB - vision for future of YEU
Workplan of GB - vision for future of YEU

In future we see YEU as an inclusive learning platform which serves to its members, a voice of YEU Member Organisations in Europe, visible, known and recognised as one of the most important providers of non-formal education and innovator of non-formal education tools for young people in Europe and beyond.

We want YEU to continue providing Member Organisations with events for supporting the development and lifelong learning of the different profiles (young motivated members, young leaders, project developers, professional youth workers, trainers and facilitators, members interested in youth policy development, activists etc.). This year is also YEU Year of Innovations in which YEU aims to develop innovative methodologies and approaches in non-formal education activities through the joint work of YEU platform of trainers and organisers (YEU PET - People for Education and Training). In one year we see several working groups with representatives of Member Organisations being active and involved in the Network’s life and development.

In our vision, YEU will implement long term and short term projects, develop a new ones through evidence based approach and needs assessments which will ensure active participation of Member Organisations in its implementation. We wish YEU to be a recognizable brand with predictable finances and therefore it will be fundamental to diversify the funding sources and to strengthen the cooperation between YEU and its MOs in developing and submitting project proposals.

YEU will continue with high representation in European bodies through the active participation, by attending the most relevant European and global youth events and by developing the network’s opinions and positions on our core areas of work.

YEU will create a 5 key messages and slogan related to YEU priorities and values which will have purpose of sending the clear message of what YEU is to the new members and relevant stakeholders produce a set of PR materials and develop a customized communication features that would make the YEU brand more unique and recognizable.

This is our vision and we promise we will hardly work for making this wish being real through doing our best to reach the following Six Aims for YEU.

Nela, Sebastian, Simona, Ira, Seymur and Tamara

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April 2014
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