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YEU Special Newsmail Edition - Calls

Triin Rebane As recently many projects of YEU got an approval from the financing programmes, we decided to launch a special newsmail edition dedicated only to calls.

At the end of May we got the news that the joint project of YFU and YEU was approved. Therefore we have a Study Session "Understanding Intercultural Competence for youth and exchanges" coming in October in France (Strasbourg). For the session we are currently looking for facilitators and participants.

In august is taking place the traditional YEU Convention. This year it is held in Ukraine and the topic is "Creative Mathematics in Multicultural Europe" Young People - (borders + barriers) = Peace + Understanding". If you are interested in taking part in the biggest YEU event of this year, apply to be a member in the Core Team, a facilitator or a participant.

In mid September we have the most interesting YEU event of 2010 in the Framework of the University for Youth and Development - a training course "Exchangology! Sustainable Youth Exchanges - Reducing the Envrironmental Impact of International Youth Exchanges" for which we are looking for trainers and participants! In addition, we would be more than glad if you find some time to contribute to our Working Group survey which link is also available in the calls!

Hope to see you soon in one of our events!

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