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Croatia in the European Union!

Croatia became the 28th member of the European Union on Monday 1st of July, a vigorous moment for the small country 20 years after it won its independence.  The accession of Croatia is an important step in the European integration. It is definitely the moment of satisfaction in the times of financial crisis and Eurosceptism. It brings hope that the doors will be open for its neighbors soon as well.  It is also important to note that green light is given to Serbia and negotiations were started about joining the European Union.

Exactly one week before Croatia’s accession to the EU, over 200 young people from across Europe gathered in Zagreb to take part in a 3-day conference “Croatia in the EU: Strengthening ties in youth cooperation.”

Representatives of youth organizations, young entrepreneurs, representatives of EU institutions and Croatian authorities had a chance to network and discuss new opportunities that Croatian accession would offer to young people. We had a chance  as well  to talk  with Pascal Lejeune, the head of  Youth Unit - DG Education and Culture,  about  the new  program Erasmus +.  It was great to be there share the excitement with other young Croatians and be the witness of that historic moment!

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