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Turkey fights for democracy!

This photo was taken five days ago in Taksim, Istanbul. It became the symbol of passive resistance of citizens against the excessive use of power by Turkish Police.

Turkey has been facing one of the most critical periods in its history. Many young people who have long been politically inactive are on the streets for almost a week. They strive to say “NO!” to fascism, they try to put an end to police terror!

What is the starting point?
People who have visited Istanbul before will remember the Gezi Park at the Taksim Square. In the middle of the chaos of the city, Gezi Park is the only recreation area where locals can rest and inhale oxygen. But now Turkish people are angry and frustrated because the government has recently decided to build a shopping center at the expense of one of the most famous parks of Istanbul.
It is also important to notify that Gezi Park is just the final straw. Turkish people have long been suffering from the unreasonable decisions of the government, Justice and Development Party. For example, one or two weeks ago, people were also shocked by the decision of banning the sale of alcohol at night between 22:00 and 06:00!

Turkey needs international support against police terror!
For the past 5 days, people from all ages and races, all political viewpoints and even from opposite football teams have come together to fight for their democracy. Please pay attention that these people have never used any means of violence but the police on the other hand, continues to attack people with tear gas, plastic bullets, water cannons, gas bombs as well as physical violence. Moreover, more than 1,500 people have been arrested for no reason!

Turkish media is silent! People get organized on social media and they need international support in their fight for democracy! Please notify your local and national media and help spread the word of these civilian attacks.

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