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Dear YEU Friends,

It's my pleasure to announce that YEU has been confirmed for another mandate to be member of Advisory Council on Youth of Council of Europe! Also, the fact that YEU was elected with majority of votes in IYNGO pillar shows how the work of the last years in European Youth Forum was well considered and that today we have strong and reliable partnership with several IYNGOs especially in the process of advocacy for rights of young people. As Chair of Financial Control Committee, I had the pleasure to present the report during the Extraordinary General Assembly of Youth Forum, which has been welcomed by members and board of YFJ.
As Treasurer, and former President, I would like to share with you all the feeling of proudness being member of YEU. In the last 13 years I have watching and contributing to the growth of YEU, and today looking at those outcomes I need to congratulate with the work and contribution that each member of YEU gave. I want also to thanks for the amazing job the Secretary General, Tamara Gojkovic and Board Memberm Sebastian Janzon to have actively participate to the YFJ Assembly as delegates, and a warm thanks goes to our Presidentm Simona Jonas and Vice President, Klaudia Zebrowska for the trust and the support they gave remotely and especially to have been creating a positive and constructive environment to work in GB, in PET and in the daily activity of networking our Office does. Again i need to thanks to Tamara, for managing a team of 7 youth workers today that beside their duties, are really giving the best for YEU.
I believe that having today the highest level of representation of history of YEU in institutional bodies like CoE and YFJ can be only outcomes of years of work and commitment of many YEU volunteers that strongly believe in what we do, and in a family spirit that has been making our baby growing.
Still, we are going to face several difficulties in the future, especially with the bad news regarding the MFF and Administrative Grants in the future, but no matter what, we will keep continuing developing, improving and growing with YEU for a better future of our members and all European youth.

Let me give again a warm thanks to everybody.

Bartolomeo Bufi
YEU Treasurer



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