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Dear friends,
I am honored to have the opportunity to greet you in our Newsmail’s February edition from the position of Secretary General of Youth for Exchange and Understanding. YEU has been constantly changing and growing its network and I am more than happy to have the opportunity to contribute to its growth. Of course, it is always very difficult to take position after such a distinguished Secretary General like Marko Paunovic who was always fully dedicated and had fresh ideas on his mind.
I will not be alone in this difficult task! New team of Administrative Office is on board – Pelin Candemir as the project officer in YEU office in Faro, Portugal, Eleni Michail as the project coordinator in Cyprus and Marko Paunovic as the manager of Lifelong Learning Program. As you can see, we have a new Newsmail team as well and I hope you will enjoy reading all the interesting articles and stories they will be bringing you in the following months.
With our new intern, Sofia Nombre who is moving from sunny Portugal to rainy Brussels next month, we believe that we will make YEU even more professional and but most important – a network with plenty of learning and capacity building opportunities.

Tamara Gojkovic
YEU Secretary General



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