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Dear friends,

Planning for the New Year and the new Governing Board mandate is always an inspiring and productive process, with current needs of YEU being identified and GB priorities being set. YEU is at the moment a network of 33 organizations and in this framework the GB will continue working on developing it as well as on spreading the YEU ideals, mission and spirit of young people. For this mandate the Governing Board has set several important priorities. To begin with, during its mandate, the GB will be emphasizing on the capacity building of YEU Member Organizations, the process of which will help for the development of active communication. This process must be inclusive and providing everybody a place to share and express their ideas. Secondly, focus will be placed upon qualitative and eco-friendly events based on the needs of young people. Also GB will emphasize on supporting and putting theQuality Assurance (QA) process into practice during activities organized by YEU and its Member Organizations, as well as on improving the working environment of the PET while adopting our educational strategies in order to make them more unique and attractive. . The new GB has identified the need to work on the diversification of funding through supporting the development of long term projects and creation of database of experts and youth workers that are experienced in project cycle management (PCM). We will also work to increase the transparency of management of YEU. Since visibility, advocacy and communication is a crucial part for developing YEU, GB plans to continue the high representation in the bodies of the European Youth Forum (YFJ) and the Advisory Council of Council of Europe, and will support advocacy and policy development processes related to YEU strategic priorities. One person cannot do everything, but everything is possible with the support of a strong team. I believe that our joint efforts will definitely make the change, so let’s work together for a better world for all of us, full of cooperation, understanding and intercultural dialogue. I believe in change and better attitude in YEU. I hope you believe, too!

Simona Jonas
YEU president




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