YEU International - April 2010 Newsmail

YFJ Education Working Group in Baku

Mikayil Zeynalov

As part of our initiatives to increasingly promote YEU on an international level YEU hosted European Youth Forum (YFJ) Education Working Group in Baku Azerbaijan!  These possibilities are an important part of our external relations and communications strategy to give a higher profile to YEU and the work that we do.

The YFJ Education Working Group is one of 5 Working Group set up by the European Youth Forum for the period 2009-2010. The mission is to provide support to YFJ in the implementation of the Work Plan 2010 and the Strategic Priorities 2007-2012. The WG consists of 8 experts from the Member Organizations and function as a think tank by bringing expertise together and to provide a solid base for YFJ policy documents and advocacy work.

The working groups meet 3 times per year and aim to cover several realities of education in Europe by meeting in different regions in Europe to meet local policy makers on education and see the practice of youth organizations. This time thanks to Co-funding from YEU Member Organisation Bridge to the Future from their own resources and also from generous donation from the French Embassy in Baku the YFJ WG on Education was held in Baku from 9th April to 12th April. There were 13 people present - 8 WG members, 2 YFJ bureau members, 1 YFJ secretariat representative and YEU representative Vice President Mikayil Zeynalov.  

In addition to the usual WG business the participants also enjoyed meetings arranged by BTF with the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Youth and Sport of Azerbaijan Republic and with the Deputy Minister of Education of Azerbaijan Republic followed by an afternoon meeting in the office of NAYORA (The National Youth Council of Azerbaijan) with Azeri youth organizations.  The second day started with a roundtable on the Situation of Education in the Caucasus before continuing with the Working Group main business later in the day. The participants also had the chance to visit interesting places near Baku and the Absheron peninsula, for example the old city in Baku and the Oil fields.

YEU was proud to host this meeting and contribute to the ongoing work of the YFJ in addition to highlighting issues related to NFE and other youth policy issues in Azerbaijan.  This is a new development in our co-operation with YFJ and we are happy to say that it was a positive and beneficial experience for all.  We hope that there will be further opportunities in the future and other YEU members can also contribute on this level to international youth policy.

YEU International vice president



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