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Taking a look into YEU history is always captivatingly interesting and a proud moment not only for the people involved in its course throughout the years but also for those that have only just recently started to explore it. Knowing that what started out as a small organization that was founded in Strasburg in 1986 by a group of 120 young people, evolved into being one of the biggest youth networks engaging youth from over 30 countries from across Europe and Africa in its activities is without a doubt astonishing.

And what is even more amazing is not just the organization’s evolution but also the simultaneous development of the people involved in it. Indeed, embarking on a youth work journey can have a catalytic effect on your life, often bringing you into paths of professional and self - development you would have never expected to come across.  And there are many living examples of this, people whose lives have been a true inspiration in true YEU-style.

As part of shedding some light into YEU history, we met up with former YEU vice-president, JMB Lithuania board member, renowned and well-established trainer and youth policy expert, Marius Ulozas, to get an insight into how life begun with YEU and how something that started out as a pleasant pastime turned out into creating one of the most adventurous and exhilarating journeys of his life.

From youth exchanges and training courses into opening a Training Center and establishing the Institute for Policy Research and Analysis in Lithuania, in his interview Marius talks about how YEU equipped him with the experiences and skills to achieve everything and above all how motivation, dedication and hard work can bring your dreams and ideas into life.

Read more about Marius inspiring story in the “YEUish – Where are they and what are they doing?” section of the newsmail.

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