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The recent social and economic developments in Europe have influenced the needs and priorities of young people and their profile in general. The notion of youth participation now receives a new dimension in the online world and youth organizations should be the first ones to address it.  

Big question is, are they ready for it?

As the number of young people being online is constantly growing, it is a wide need that youth work steps into this field as well.  The new media and virtual spaces are characterized by their interactive potential, allowing space for young people as consumers to also be creators of their content, and this as such creates new opportunities but also treats.  This notion brings youth organizations to overcome a new challenge: working with young people where they are at the moment, in the virtual space and supporting them to overcome issues such as diversity, exclusion and discrimination.

YEU is following these current developments. This was one of the reason to get involved in the New Media Summer School and Web of Tomorrow is Yours project.  The main idea was to support the voice of young people in the dialogue on internet governance. This event and its outcomes gave the initiative to further this process on a global level and support the representation of young people on the global forum of internet governance. And the issue as such should not stop just at representation and advocacy. 

We should strive in setting new priorities and developing strategies to be able to respond to the needs of today’s society and be leaders in supporting the e-participation and e-inclusion of young people. It is important to use the new media and facilitate the new developments by supporting participation and learning and equipping youth workers with competences to address these issues.

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