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During the YEU “Developing YOU” event in Azerbaijan, the YEU Governing Board held a meeting to discuss the network’s development and make strategic decisions. Moreover, it provided more value to the ongoing event, supporting Member Organization Bridge to the Future (BF) to make a stronger impact on the local level. 
The GB evaluated ongoing projects through the Administrative Office report with a particular emphasis on the importance of the EuroDIG event on new media and the Convention 2012 exploring diverse partnership possibilities. Also, the course to ensure annual events are held as previewed was confirmed.  For this, the GB congratulated the Office on the good work and well-managed priorities and deadlines.
In addition, the discussion was raised on improving YEU administrative procedures and guidelines that will ease the communication and collaboration between YEU and its MOs.  
Following the last developments with funding opportunities in the youth work sector, YEU is intensively working on its new fundraising strategy, the draft of which was presented during the GB meeting and will soon be launched. In line with this, we also decided to start up fundraising based on Expertise and Services that YEU can offer to external bodies and organizations.
This event was a good opportunity to meet PET members, to evaluate the first 6 months of creation, set up the concrete action plan, as well as to generally discuss the dynamic inside the YEU Pool of Trainers and Organizers.
When it comes to representation, GB came to the conclusion that the last months of strong YEU representation, starting from the University of Youth and Development in Uruguay, Structured Dialogue events, Youth Forum Meetings should be continued in developing new partnerships and visual tools of YEU that can create further project opportunities and more spaces for YEU members in different events.
Last but not least, the GB would like to thank the BF for hosting us in a warm and hospitable spirit.

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