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Interview with Mrs Androulla Vassiliou, Commissionaire for Education, Culture, Multilingualism and Youth


With the closure of Youth in Action approaching and the European Commission adopting the brand new programme “Erasmus for All” that will be integrating the EU's current funding programmes for education, training, youth and international cooperation, the youth world seems to be alarmed at the announcement that 60% percent of the total budget will be provided for formal education structures. Concerns have been raised as to the future and role of NFE and youth initiatives, and thus YNGOs demand a strong independent programme for youth. The much anticipated “Erasmus for All” is expected to commence in 2014-2020, and as details on how it will be working have not been available yet we felt the strong need to get the insider’s information on how the scheme is progressing.

Therefore, we are at the much advantaged position to enjoy the kind contribution and input from the Commissioner for Education, Culture, Multilingualism and Youth Mrs Androulla Vassiliou, and try and shed some light on the Erasmus mystery. So, somewhere in between her busy schedule, Mrs Vassiliou shared her thoughts so that you could now read a thorough interview where she is discussing practically all about Erasmus and even more! Therefore, check out the “Europe” section of the newsmail and read among others about the how the new programme will come to address the challenges of the young people in 21st century Europe and even look at the promise for a brighter future for NFE.

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Editor in Chief





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