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Dear friends
Thank you for your trust and support. I am happy to address to all of YOU who make YEU so unique and inspiring and, as the YEU President, to communicate the priorities that we, as the new GB, have set.
We acknowledge that being part of the GB demands great commitment and responsibility for the growth of the organization and its core mission, and we are aware that each contribution YEU makes towards it is a milestone in improving the lives of youth across Europe and further.
The main goal of this GB is to build the capacity of YEU to deal with the challenges and changes by sustaining and upgrading the practices and outcomes started by the previous GB. With their commitment and work during the past year, YEU has enlarged as a network of 38 organizations, developed new administrative procedures, set up an educational structure and expanded visibility and representation. In a few words, YEU has grown, setting a lot of new potential.
I am sure that our network will be able to overcome any possible challenges because it is built on active and innovative young people. With your active work and contribution, YEU will continue to spark with beneficial youth work for all in Europe and beyond. And for that is important to work TOGETHER.
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Ivana Davidovska
President of YEU International



























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