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Gabriella Civico New long term project for YEU co-funded by Youth in Action.
Many of you will have heard of EuroGames.  Some of you might even have used it.  Even more of you might even have a copy?  We know however, that most of you don´t have a copy and some of you might not even know what it is.  This is why we decided to seek funding to re-issue Euro Games for a new decade.  We just got the great news that the long term initiative Eurogaming2010 has been granted 50% co-funding by the Youth in Action Agency. 
The overall aim of the project is to involve more young people from disadvantaged groups, especially young people with disabilities in NFE, Youth Work and Volunteering.   It’s a two year project due to start on May 1st 2010 and lasting until May 1st 2012.   The new Eurogames2010 resource will be used to support, publicise and promote this process of promoting volunteering and non-formal education amongst disadvantaged groups of young people and youth practitioners who don´t normally use NFE.

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