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Writing the introduction to this month’s newsmail has been such an exciting thing and a great way to make a truly JUB-enile entrance to YEU. We are JUB, is one of the younger organizations in the YEU network and as you can imagine we are very proud to do so. JUB has only been officially founded a couple of months ago, and we are now in the process of organizing our first event, in close cooperation with YEU International. It will take place in September, in Groningen, an amazing student city in the North of the Netherlands and it is for sure not an activity you would like to miss!

It will be a training course on ‘Migration’ and with this original topic we hope to shed light on an interesting phenomenon: how do we cope with immigrants in different countries? Mobility has become such a common phenomenon nowadays, yet it is sometimes causing a lot of tension in societies. We believe that the sharing thoughts along with a lot of NFE activities will enlighten the participants and promote positive change in attitudes.

Because we just started JUB, we are at the same time working on the organization itself: on our goals, on a logo, on a website, on possible future events, etc. We are very enthusiastic to work with people who have got more experience in youth work. Working with people from different countries is a great opportunity. We hope to learn fast and to expand our organization.

Many thanks to YEU International for all the help and guidance we have received. We enjoy being a new member of the warm YEU family and we are looking forward to meet YOU!


Sanne van Waarden
Cheya Ibrahim
Martijn Bergsma







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