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Wind of Change

Since YEU is developing constantly to respond to the needs of the changing world, it was time that changes with our Newsmail came about as well. That is why we are now enjoying this great opportunity to be the new people responsible for the one of communication tools - YEU Newsmail.
We find this a challenging but at the same time very important and motivating task, working as the editor and journalist, and updating all of you with what is happening in YEU world and even beyond, everywhere where things concerning young people in Europe and the rest of the world are happening.
On the other hand, the Newsmail was always yours because You are the ones who are sharing information from Your organizations, or the YEU activities that You are participating in. We hope that this creative interaction will continue and grow even stronger.
Newsmail will remain Your tool to share within YEU family what are You doing in terms of creating a new opportunities for young people. Feel welcome to contribute!

Eleni Ioannou
Editor in Chief

Michal Klopocki
Journalist and Researcher






If you have any ideas, suggestions or questions regarding the newsmail, please do not hesitate to contact us! Furtheremore if you would like to become a co-author, please let us know!
You can contact us via email or

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