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YEU celebrating its 25th birthday

This year YEU will be celebrating 25th birthday and 30 years since the first activity. The birthday will be used to present and promote organisation’s capacity to address youth needs and problems, especially related to intercultural learning, inclusion, volunteering, conflict transformation, sustainable development and lately Quality Assurance and Recognition of Non-Formal Education.
The YEU Caravan will be passing the following stations:

  • Take off: Council of Members of the European Youth Forum, Belgium, May;  
  • Volunteering and Inclusion through EVS local actions: Faro, Portugal, May;  
  • International Youth Convention: Belgrade, Serbia, August; 
  • Central celebration/YEU General Assembly: Istanbul, Turkey, November;    
  • European Convention on Volunteering: Brussels, Belgium September;
  • University on Youth and Development: Mollina, Spain, September;

We are still waiting for the approval of some projects and, of courses, your proposals to be able to complete the agenda of YEU Caravan.
Well, let’s continue hard work, use birthdays to get some presents and continue proving our competences and expertise in promoting peace and understanding around the world!


Marko Paunovic
Secretary General







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