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Ready, Steady, YEU!
Ready, Steady, YEU!

Dear YEU friends,

Over two days, 18-19th February, a YEU Governing Board (GB) meeting took place in Thessaloniki and was hosted by our member organisation United Societies of Balkans. This was the first, face to face, meeting of our GB since the General Assembly last November in Brussels.

There, the GB members and the Administrative Office (AO) had the opportunity to meet and talk with the participants of the 2nd youth exchange of the Erasmus+ project “The Journey – Stories of Migration, Tales of Inclusion” which was being held during that week.

All GB members and AO attended the meeting, one of several that will take place during the year and for the mandate 2017-2018. The moment was also important to strengthen relations, to get to know each other and to define work methodologies and means of communication.

There were updates on the YEU work carried out by the Administrative Office over the last months explained by our Secretary General Tamara Gojkovic. She presented the projects that will take place over the year, applications of projects from the previous deadlines and for the next ones as well updates of staff and interns at the YEU office in Brussels.

This meeting was also an opportunity to discuss and share responsibilities regarding Workplan for 2017 and some strategies about several YEU platforms, such as People for Education and Training (PET), Pool of Representatives (PoR), Project Developers Group and Working Groups.

Just like the Greek Spring Sun during these days, 2017 promises to be a year full of activities and opportunities for our youth and member organizations, so keep reading the newsmail so you can follow more updates to come!

Joao Dias,

YEU Vice-President

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