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Hello beautiful people of YEU and a happy new year to you all!
With a new year coming around, comes the need to get our minds together and look at all we have achieved in the past and re-evaluate!
We always say that we are a family, but do we always act like one? We need to increase cooperation among ourselves, our member organisations and specially, we need to use our strengths and our needs to draw a path that leads to obtaining better results for the Youth that we represent.
YEU is made out of different organisations coming from different cultures, countries and basic realities. We have amongst us people that I believe that could change the world. Active participation is the key and we need to promote it. We need to make the youngsters in our communities realize the role that they can have in changing things and want to do it! We need to take a closer look at our environment, our resources and put them into action while protecting and promoting intercultural learning and understanding amongst Youth.
Therefore, YEU is giving you all the opportunity to do all of this together, by participating in our Working Groups for 2017. We are looking for motivated people who want to help and who are in contact with their communities so that we can get a full picture regarding the topics of our working groups. That will allow us to develop the best results possible and outcomes that will enable our member organisations to enhance their results, strengthen their efforts and work together as the network and the family that we are. The results and outcomes of these working groups will help not only our member organisations but all youth entities and youngsters following YEU.
So go on and check the working groups' call on this Newsmail and see where you would fit better:
· Non-formal Education, Youth Work and Volunteering,
· Human Rights and Social Cohesion/Youth Participation and Citizenship
· Sustainable Development
· Network Development
See you around soon,
Sofia Nobre
YEU Treasurer
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