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YEU is a growing network!
YEU is a growing network!

Dear YEU friends and colleagues,

We are closely getting to the end of an another productive year, full of achievements, activities, initiatives and challenges. It was a very turbulent year on European and Global level with many ups and downs. There is a growing number of extreme radical groups, fear and violence, hate, racism and other negative phenomena.

Nevertheless, this reality made us only more motivated to work towardspromoting peace, understanding and co-operation between the young people of the world, in a spirit of respect for human rights.

In the last two years as a vice-president I have enjoyed all the work, which made me even happier to be elected as President of YEU in the next two years. As YEU is already 30 years old, the legacy is quite big, so the enthusiasm in planning the activities is even greater.

However, we do have a lot of work to do as YEU is a growing network – changing with the course of time, but still keeping the spirit of YEU family and solidarity we have been nurturing for such a long time.

That’s why, with my colleagues I will dedicate my mandate for continuing the work towards strengthening the network and continue the tempo of growth, continue to promote youth work, youth rights, peace and mutual understanding. I believe that all the diversity we have in Europe is our biggest opportunity and strength for further development, so young people can be educated, empowered, active in their societies and able to achieve their full potential.

Being the voice of young people: we must listen the needs of young people around Europe using a variety of different tools. We have to focus on Innovating for personal, socio-educational and professional development of young people: developing non-formal education methodologies and youth work models to support young people’s competences acquirement and learning process online and offline.

Within the next year we will work on our new strategic plan, we will work on youth work and NFE, work on youth rights, human rights, gender mainstreaming and social inclusion. We will have a focus on sustainable development, focusing on climate change and sustainable growth. But also we will have a lot of work towards professionalization and strengthening of YEU inside, and also externally within our partner organisations and institutions.

So, let’s continue working! We are wishing you a festive season, a great 2017 and many YEU years together!

Matej Manevski

YEU President

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