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Making YEU stronger- Pushing for more recognition of Non Formal Education and more collaborations within the Civil Society
Making YEU stronger- Pushing for more recognition of Non Formal Education and more collaborations within the Civil Society

During the last few months, there is a lot going on in European level. YEU is constantly following up and being part of the ongoing discussion on issues we tend to believe that they are and can affect youth. At the same time, to boost the impact, we try to strengthen our Network inside and outside. A great example during this year, related to strengthening the Network within, was RESTART process with Capacity Building of Member Organizations. Moreover, there various examples related to strengthening the Network externally, related to other entities with participation in Projects, being part in bigger networks and by following up policies being developed constantly. That translates to us being present to have our say in it while representing the interest of our Member Organizations and youth.

Starting with YEU and bigger Networks, YEU is being very active and always tries to be updated related to work developed and implemented by European Youth Forum (YFJ). At the same, as a relatively new member of Lifelong Learning Platform (EUCIS-LLL), YEU after coordination with the Platform, joined various working groups and is fully updated when it comes to developing work and participating in actions of the platform. Moreover, the presence of YEU in such entities assures the representation of our believes and role as an International Organization, but at the same time it enforces us with material and information which we try always to share with our Members.

Related to Projects, as it is always shared by the Administration Office and the Secretary General, it is very important to highlight the cooperation with Member Organization, when it comes to presenting projects (Trainings, Exchanges etc). That empowers our relation, but also helps members and YEU International to exchange knowledge and also to bond the Network even more. Parallel, YEU international, has been building stronger partnerships with ongoing new projects (Erasmus+, H2020 etc) that YEU is being part of. Within these projects we have found new allies, but also empowered the existing ones. This is helping us to make our voices even stronger, but also work more on our tasks as an International NGO, while creating more for youth with youth.

Based on the above, YEU is proud for its’ presence at the European Parliament during the LLL-Week in Brussels, Belgium. This feeling comes from the fact that YEU besides being present to follow up the process, was there to present EBA project and to advocate for further recognition of Non Formal Education. Decided by the European Badges Alliance (EBA) partners, Panagiotis Chatzimichail - Project Coordinator on behalf of YEU and Policy Officer, had the chance to present the project amongst other 2 during an event of European Alliance for Volunteering. The interest however was strongly focus on what YEU is working on. With the support of the representative of EFIL, both of them got the chance to raise the interest and also to discuss the issue with present Members of the European Parliament. YEU has once more proven that it was ready to share and disseminate properly the work done, but also to build relation with policy makers and other entities of Civil Society. This pluralism has a lot to offer to YEU and the contacts developed during this event and similar to come are always important for the Network.

Summing up all what is presented above, YEU was, is and will be working to represent all Organization making YEU what it is. An organization with values and an entity to advocate for youth and with youth. For this reason, we try to keep up our channels update and also to keep informing members, partners and who ever interested on who we are and what we do. Above all, as it has become our message and believe, YEU is YOU.

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