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What's the measure of your YEU handprint?

Ivana DavidovskaI remember when I heard about YEU for the first time. I received a CD, a blue cover and white handprint, with the big number 20 years, and a friendly voice saying “Join us!!!” Exploring that CD increased my eager to join and participate in YEU event. And then the story began actually - a truly friendly experience, enriching me in many aspects, opening new pathways, helping to overcome challenges and grow.

As you might know this year YEU is celebrating its 25th birthday, 25 years of youth for exchange and understanding, and empowering youth around the world, opening many questions to initiate curiosity, leaving a lot of handprints...

?he YEU handprint. For most of us the logo of YEU is more than just a regular handprint.  It is a handprint with a lot of experience, knowledge, opinions, capital of 25 years of youth work. Every new YEU touch is leaving a stronger handprint and a stronger impact. All of that is in each one of you, a bigger or smaller handprint having personal, group, community, society, short-term, long-term impact. Giving sense and power to youth work. Still continuing today, with every new event we organize, a communication we establish.

Today YEU is leaving impact not only on its members, but on much wider audience. By actively contributing to the recognition of non-formal education and youth work, we are creating paths for every young person in Europe and the world in general. By promoting and assuring quality in what we do, we are trendsetting youth work and showing a good example to many youth organizations.

And now going back to you… Share your story of how YEU influenced you and your community. What’s the measure of your YEU handprint???

Ivana Davidovska
Board Member




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