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YEU introducing Policy Watch
YEU introducing Policy Watch

YEU, throughout the years, has been developing new means and tools in favour of the MOs and in line with its mission and vision. International policies, targeted actions and mainstream fields where always something that affected NGOs that are youth oriented and apply non-formal education (NFE) in their work. Therefore, YEU always had to develop strategies in order to be updated and offer the best of the organization to its beneficiaries. In the process to apply the current strategy plan, that YEU General Assembly has set, YEU Administrative office has added a new position – youth policy watch officer.

Through the continuous development of our members, the Office realized how important it is to observe and understand priorities as set by funding entities and policy trends. Actions as such can help YEU, as a total, as they can give input within YEU expertise (like for example to work more targeted with Working Groups and Pool of Representatives) and also having educational events in line with policies.

As mentioned before, YEU had set a specific plan and specific priorities. This policy watch will be able to identify all trends and actions taking place in Europe, related to topics such as, NFE - validation and recognition, Youth Work - recognition, Social Cohesion, Gender, Migrations, Sustainable development/SDGs and other topics which could benefit or be in the interest of the MOs.

The application of this position and idea will be through the collection of data, material, information and so on from various stakeholders, but also partners and members. As policies derive mainly from institutions and international organizations, YEU has set a specific interest in Council of Europe, EU and its DGs such as Education, Culture, Youth and Sports or Bodies like European Parliament of Commission. At the same time, in order to disseminate properly related information promoted by partners that YEU is part of, all this data will be summarized and set within the policy watch dissemination channels.

As channels where mentioned, the Office is in the process of developing the format of a “newsletter” which will be including all work done, with the info the officer has selected. Additionally, within the virtual library of YEU, a new section will be created related to “Policy Watch”, where relevant resources and information will be gathered and saved for Member Organizations to use. Parallel to these tools, monitoring existing platforms and relevant positions will allow the organization to create channels which can foster the usage of material by the beneficiaries, but at the same time be as useful as possible to members.

Summing up, as new possibilities and trends take place within our working area and fields, it is of high interest for YEU to keep up and be the innovative organization as as it has always been. Member organizations, Governing Board and Administrative office could use this opportunity to benefit from it, but also offer more to their beneficiaries. At any point, the office and the Policy Watch officer, are open to suggestions and assistance for the best possible application of the Watch. Therefore, Administrative office considers the involvement of Pool of trainers and organizers, Working groups and Pool of representatives vital and necessary for a targeted and fruitful process.

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