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YEU World in 2016
YEU World in 2016

Year is just starting and we already see it is going to be full of amazing opportunities for young people around Europe.

We like to see YEU as a living being - it is alive as much as we are. It breathes and moves as much as we do. Its heart beats as fast as ours do.

So, are we alive? Sky is the limit, people say, but we need to be ready to jump as high as possible and take others with us. If not us, who will change the world?

We want to start by changing our world. This is why in this Newsmail’s section Calls you will find so many different calls for internal structures of YEU: working groups on education, capacity building, gender, youth work, human rights and migrations; committees on youth work campaign and celebration of 30th birthday of YEU and hosting YEU General Assembly 2016 and YEU developing YOU in 2017.

European youth world is offering many different opportunities and now you have an opportunity to represent YEU as part of our Pool of Representatives, newly established structure. If you are a good project proposals developer, you can be part of our Team of Project proposals developers, a structure to support YEU and our Member Organizations and their capacity building.

If you are new to YEU and you would like to see how we work in our office, you can become our intern in Brussels for at least 3 months.

But before all this, check what we do! Here is our new video about YEU – explaining what we do and why.

Follow our work in our website, social media and intranet.

Step into YEU World – it will change your life forever.

YEU team

» News
» Matej Manevski – YEU representative in Advisory Council on Youth
» YEU PET – new mandate of trainers and organizers for 2016-2017 is here!
» Membership Commitee of YEU for 2016 has been appointed
» New Member Organizations of YEU
» Ready steady go! Preparations for Training for Trainers on Human Rights Education online have begun!
» News from MOs
» TOG and CID in Advisory Council on youth
» Member Organisations
» Paper waste is the best charity
» Small stories that can change the world
» Two weeks in Lesbos - testimony about desire to live
» Between the lines
» EU countries are ones with highest ecological footprints. What can be the solution?
» Calls
» Call for interns in YEU office in Brussels
» Call for YEU Pool of Representatives
» Call for YEU Working Groups members
» YEU 30th birthday celebration committee
» Call for Youth Work Campaign Committee members
» Call for Member Organizations: hosting YEU General Assembly 2016 and YEU Developing YOU 2017
» YEU is where YOU are!. Call for Project Proposals Developers
If you have any ideas, suggestions or questions regarding the newsmail, please do not hesitate to contact us! Furtheremore if you would like to become a co-author, please let us know!

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