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May you be YOU in 2016
May you be YOU in 2016

How was 2015 for you? Did you make new friends? Fall in love? Were you disappointed and thought that this world is going in completely wrong direction? Do you think you could have done more?

Looking back into 2015, without any doubt, we in YEU can be proud. It is not about the number of events or annual budget. It is about the change you have made.

As a network of youth organizations aiming to promote peace and understanding, it is not easy to deal with nowadays realities – no jobs, lots of apathy, lack of trust. There is a fear going around that is aiming at taking us over and changing our life as we know it. We are faced with many dilemmas – are the values we have been promoting and believing in for almost 30 years still worthy?

We say – yes they are! We truly believe that getting to know each other no matter of religion, nationality, race, sexual orientation and any other personal characteristics is the way to change the world. We start changing it with changing ourselves and people around us. Small steps. One by one. Opening minds, listening to hearts.

We have forgotten that being human sometimes means simply giving a smile and making people looking for their piece of bombs-free sky feel welcomed. Weren’t the wars we had in Balkans just 20 years ago lesson strong enough to make us understand that war can only harm us?

It is perfectly ok to celebrate whichever Christmas, Hanukah and Ramadan or not celebrate any of these. It is ok to love and have a family with the one your heart desires. It is not about short skirts or hijab. It is about understanding our choices and our nature. It is about freedom to be who you are.

In 2016 we will celebrate 30 years. Actually, it is already 35 years since somebody said – I want to get to know YOU. What makes you happy, what makes you sad – how do you celebrate birth, how do you mourn? Do we care for the same – love, freedom and happiness? Then we are ONE.

Yes, 2015, you have made it a bit more difficult. You made us question our values. But, this is why we know that networks such as YEU are needed more than ever as we are making a change in people’s minds and hearts. The most frequent words among YEU people in 2015 were friends, family and love. That’s how we know we made a change.

So, is it worth it? Yes, it is and every single person counts. Come and discover a new world – YEU world.

May 2016 bring you health, happiness, love and peace. May you be active and creative. May you be YOU.

YEU team

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