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Loizos Vasiliou of YEU elected as president of Cyprus Youth Council!
Loizos Vasiliou of YEU elected as president of Cyprus Youth Council!


YEU International is very proud to say that previous president of YEU Cyprus, Loizos Vasiliou has become president of Cyprus Youth Council!

Previously, Loizos has been president of one of most active and oldest YEU organizations – YEU Cyprus in the period of 2012-2015. This is what Loizos says about his youth work journey that took him to this very important position:

“2009 was the first time I was on board to this flight that is called youth work.. 2015 I am the president of Cyprus Youth Council. It’s been a long journey to get here and now it will be an exciting ride in the search for youth rights... Inspired by many, YEU Cyprus members, European youth forum and specific individuals and orgs I want to THANK ALL that believed in me and I will do my best to empower youngsters in Cyprus. NGOs now you have the wheel, lets enjoy the bumpy ride. We decide our future, thanks.

YEU is congratulating Loizos, YEU Cyprus and Cyprus Youth Council for electing the best one. We are ensured that, although it might be a bumpy ride, it will also be a successful road towards improving position of young people in Cyprus, access to their rights and in support of equality and equal opportunities for all.

Dear Loizos, Συγχαρητηρια κ οτι καλυτερο!

YEU Team

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