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Nadia Ouali
It seems like I dreamt and then woke up in the morning and my dream came true… During 23 years words like politics, freedom and rights were deleted from our vocabulary and all of a sudden all these fundamental principles became possible.

The revolution in January changed youth’s mind and their expectations for future for sure. We, the youth, were hopeless here and looking for any solution to leave this country, but now we feel useful, responsible and proud to be TUNISIANS. It is probably the first time in our life when we feel that Tunisia is finally our motherland and not just a place where we are trying to live or survive…
People died and we are determined to honour them. The fight has just started, taking down the president was just the beginning and the biggest part is on the way. At the moment we have a temporary government that is working to help the country in this phase of democratization. People have to be careful and lose all their bad habits that they have accumulated during all these years to restart the new life.

Dear friends, I hope to see you soon to share our experience in detail and thank you YEU for giving me this opportunity to share this experience with all of you.

Nadia Ouali
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