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45 Job Hunters together on YEU Convention in Cyprus
45 Job Hunters together on YEU Convention in Cyprus

From 17th until 30th of July YEU gathered 45 people coming from all around Europe to explore topic of youth unemployment and to motivate and encourage unemployed youth to start searching for a job again, this time starting from another perspective after discovering their potential. Convention was organized in Cyprus with help from our member organization YEU Cyprus.

Rate of unemployed youth just continues to rise, especially in countries where our participants came from (Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ukraine, FYROM Macedonia, Italy…). So instead of inactivity and disappointment this time we woke up real youth spirit and energy using non formal education.

Conventions are important part of YEU history, so idea that we tackle youth unemployment didn’t came by accident. If you want to learn more about this traditional event look for more info here.

Structure of YEU Conventions is really special, and it provides space for everybody who has will and motivation to work. We always have separated groups of participants (village groups) lead by Facilitators, and we have sessions with whole group lead by Core team. This year YEU Administrative Office together with Governing Board of YEU joined as well, not just to have meetings but to support realization of project and participate in some activities as well.

Convention started in Nicosia with quick training for Facilitators team, getting to know each other part, exploring a bit of the topic, learning about YEU and main objectives of the project. Participants were settled in hosting families, which helped them to get the real picture of local reality. YEU Caravan continued to Pedoulas, small village in mountain called Trodos, which made a perfect surrounding for team building and going deeper into the topic. In Pedoulas our participants had to prepare for a job interview after working on development of their CV’s and motivational letters. They discussed obstacles when finding a job and ways to overcome them, shared their tips for best online sites which offers support and links to job offers and much more… Last stop was in Limassol, where they had to interact with local people by conducting a short survey about relationship between youth and labour market. They had enough time to reflect and evaluate what they learned and what will be their next steps when they go back home.

Every goodbye brings a new hello, and with every event YEU family only continues to grow.

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Jovana Vukovic

Governing Board member

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[September 2015]
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