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YEU is going to rock Cyprus in July!
YEU is going to rock Cyprus in July!

Because 34th YEU Annual Convention is coming soon! And why is it so important? Because this is where you see YEU at its best – this is where we get to know each other, learn from each other. What happens in Convention NEVER stays in Convention as it grows further – new knowledge, our friendships, hm, ok, loves as well, and they last for a lifetime! It doesn’t matter where you come from, what you do in your life as everything changes after this experience….

I was many times wondering why some of my friends keep counting number of YEU Conventions they have participated in – is it five, seven, even eight! My colleagues went to YEU Convention in Azerbaijan in 2007 and it was the only thing they spoke about for the next 12 months.

Then one year, I was in part of the Core Team and only then I understood why….this is when you fall for it. And, like in the Daft Punk song “Fragments of time” (play it before you continue reading) you “just keep playing back these fragments of time, everywhere I go, these moments will shine”.

The history began in 1980, when the non-formal Catholic group, from Germany, decided to make international camp. The idea of event came to realization one year after, in the Bavarian Alps, on the beautiful Lake Kochel, during the summer of 1981. The participation were youth from Italy, Austria and Germany. The same group organized camp next year in Schildmatt, under the theme “Symbols in our lives“, with much more participants than before. And it started… After this event, the group decided to organize very big camp, in the same place. This event was one of the main events which influenced development of YEU the most. It was first International Youth Convention in August of 1983.

This year we are going to rock Cyprus and you will wish to be part of it! This year, we will be speaking about youth re-entering labour market. The situation is not improving a lot when it comes youth employment, but we can change it! First of all, we can change our perspectives, open our horizons and develop new skills! Meet new people from around Europe and discuss, cook, travel, learn, laugh and have fun together! Find the calls here!

This summer, we are rocking Cyprus! 45 young people from all around Europe, 3 venues and YOU.


Familiar faces I’ve never seen…. And it’s crystal clear, that I don’t ever want it to end, if I had my way I would never leave, keep building these random memories, turning our days into melodies

Tamara Gojkovic

YEU Secretary General

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