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I have been in YEU for a year now and I am truly glad I was selected to continue as a Project Manager for 2011. The previous year was amazing – full of challenges and success. Nevertheless, the coming year seems even more challenging and hopefully it will be unforgettable not only for me but also for our network.

Last year I heard people talking about the visible development of YEU. I am happy that I had the chance to be a part of it and give my contribution. This year we are going to take a step forward – strengthen our network, the collaboration between the Member Organizations, offer more opportunities to our volunteers, improve the impact on local level, develop cooperation with other stakeholders, etc. This will be very challenging to us in the Administrative Office as well as to our members. We need to work all together, dedicate our time and passion to reach our goals and dreams. I hope you will be inspired to jump on board, realize your ideas and develop yourself together with YEU. We need YOU to make the difference we are working for…so are you ready for a challenge?

Triin Adamson
Project Manager




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