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Antonio Lapadula and Mikayil Zeynalov
Dear friends,

Thank you for the support and trust! We acknowledge the responsibility and effort that these positions demand from us. Therefore, we came up with very ambitious priorities that need not only tremendous efforts from GB, but also stronger cooperation within the Member Organizations.
The aim of this GB is firstly, to put the processes started by the previous GB into sustainable framework. The previous GB has set a strong and transparent financial system, the new office opened in Brussels, visibility of YEU expanded, the number of YEU events and participants was doubled due to good work and cooperation of the Administrative Office.
In this GB we will pay special attention to:

  1. Networking and communication with current Member Organization as well as attracting new organizations into our network;
  2. Youth Policy;
  3. Quality of Education;
  4. Financial and Administrative regulation (work on financial sustainability, improvement of internal financial and auditing system);
  5. Imapact, Vissibility and Image of YEU International.

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Yours sincerely
Berto, Dana, Tamara, Orkhan, Ivana





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