YEU International - February 2010 Newsmail

New YEU Administrative Office Brussels
Opening April 2010!

Marko Paunovic

Following the YEU APN decision to move the main YEU office from Faro before 2011 all the framework is now in place to make this a reality.  The YEU Adminstrative office will open in Brussels in April 2010.  This should mean that by General Assembly 2010 YEU will be officially registered in Brussels as an International NGO under the name Youth for Exchange and Understanding.

The main idea is that Brussels office will open possibility to prepare next 3 year strategic plan with new ideas and partnerships for next strategic plan 2011-2013.  Being in a better strategical location will mean that communication and visibility of YEU on all levels can be improved.  YEU is an ever increasing organisation providing quality international youth exchanges to young people.  Having the correct administrative support to do this is vital and the new office will give additional strength and potential to YEU.  With better space and working conditions we will be able to provide more voluntary opportunities both in our office and hosted by our MOs in order to provide even more opportunities to develop the SKAs of our members and ultimately our organisation.

The step marks an important moment in the history of YEU and at the start of a new decade YEU starts on a new adventure in the heart of Europe!  We hope that you will come with us on the journey as YEU discovers more potential and more possibilities to develop and support young people wherever and whoever they are.

Mr. Marko Paunovic

YEU Newsmail to be continued...

Trrin RebaneLast year the YEU Governing  Board decided to re launch the  YEU Newsmails in a new format for a trial period of three months and then decide whether tocontinue with it or not. The February’s issue is our third one but no worries – the newsmail will not vanish anywhere!
In January’s Governing  Board meeting it was decided to continue with the newsmail as everyone is content with the results and they see a great future for us! So you can take a deep breath now as you will be receiving our newsmails into your inbox in the future as well!
Hope you enjoy our stories today, tomorrow and always!

Triin Rebane


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