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YEU Capacity Building Toolkit


Youth organizations can be compared to living beings. They have a date of birth (a date of registration) and they continue functioning throughout the time. New people might join them, generations might change, yet the organization continues to be there aiming to achieve its mission.
Given this, different challenges might occur in it lifetime, opportunities and circumstances. The organization, as any other living being needs to adjust to the current context, redefine its methods and improve.
The purpose of this toolkit is to support your organization to build its capacities, develop and become more effective. The toolkit discusses the definition of capacity building, as well as other relevant concepts. Most importantly, it presents a series of elements that can help your organization build its capacities. The size of the toolkit was kept in a format that makes it simple, concrete and reader friendly. This toolkit is suitable both for young and old organizations, as there is a need to build capacities in all ages and stages. 
We hope that this capacity building toolkit will function as the inspiration point which will impulse your organization to improve and as the basis of the further development. Get ready to build your capacities!

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