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Innovative YEU

Innovative YEU 1

Youth work should be boring! On trainings and youth exchanges we should make sure that we always do the same energizers, activities, role-playing games and evaluation exercises. Habits are important and also, it is less tiring then doing something new. After all, we are young and we like it if nothing changes! 

Agreeing with the above?

WE DIDN´T! And since you are holding this publication we are convinced you don´t either! We believe that youth work should be exciting, inspiring, changing, innovative and cool. We believe that it is important to keep things interesting and that surprising youth is a good tool to do it. This guide to innovation is especially directed at youth work. Not only will the individual young people with whom you work change dramatically throughout their teens, but each generation will bring their own needs, desires and challenges. This leads to us to the conclusion that change should be an inherent part of the work we do. It is up to us to create an approach that appeals to each young person and each generation. It is our task to provide Non-Formal Education that motivates more young people to take part
and become the leaders of the future!

This publication is the result of the training Innovate (YE)U which took place in Belgium in November 2014. Its main aim was to equip our member organisations with all the necessary competences (attitudes, skills and knowledge) in order to bring innovation to the work we do with young people. However, we don´t want to stop at the borders of YEU and so this manual, in turn, wants to encourage you to take a deeper look at your practice and see where you can make the innovation in your work!

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YEU has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 727066