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Connecting Europe and Africa: 4th Africa- Europe Youth Summit


Dear YEU people,

Last week, more than 100 young people gathered together in Abidjan, Ivory Coast for the 4th Africa-Europe Youth Summit, and I was lucky enough to be one of them in representation of YEU. Together, we touched different aspects of what differentiates and unites us, and reached a common understanding that allowed us to produce some recommendations to be presented in the 5th AU-EU Summit in November to the heads of state.

The meeting approached different topics, namely, education & skills, peace & security, governance & inclusion, environment & climate, business & job creation, and culture & arts. In order to get an overview of these thematics that represented all aspects of the cooperation Africa-Europe, the group included young people from different countries of the Africa Union and European Union, but also several representatives of the African diaspora in Europe.

It is never easy to come up with common results when we come from such different realities but we all strived to reach a point of common understanding while trying to overpass barriers that ranged from culture to language, and even getting a visa. It is a privilege to be involved in such a process and to think that we can have a say when it comes to shaping a future for #youth and guaranteeing #youthrights and #youthparticipation. Moreover, I am so grateful to be able to represent YEU in this event since our international scope means that we need to advocate for all young people without believing in physical borders.

Together, we composed a Youth Summit declaration which includes several recommendations regarding the thematics above and urges to cement joint cooperation between the African Union and the European Union at different levels. This declaration will be presented at the 5th AU-EU Summit and we expect it to help strengthen the role of Youth in the political process that translates in a partnership for years to come.

Because we represent young people and we want to be directly involved in the full process, there will be 36 youth delegates from the summit working on the AU-EU Youth Plug-In Initiative, who will develop our recommendations so that they become as focused and concise as possible. 

The 4th Africa-Europe Youth Summit was organized by the Pan-African Youth Union, the Network of International Youth Organisations in Africa, and the European Youth Forum) as well as diaspora organisations (ADYNE, ADYFE and ACP-YPN), with input from the Advisory Council on Youth of the Council of Europe. Additional support came from the European Union in partnership with the African Union together with the Ivory Coast as the hosting country.

Please see our Youth Summit declaration @

Follow the Africa-EU partnership @
#AUEUyouth #UAUEjeunesse

See you soon,

Sofia Nobre,

YEU Treasurer.

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