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Addicted to YEU


A few years ago members of Viimsi Youth Council participated in a YEU training course for the first time. We had never heard about the organization nor its activities before. Just saw a call and decided to apply for the training course! We had nothing to lose but a lot to gain – an adventure in Spain combined with learning and loads of new contacts! A week in Mollina (CEULAJ) was unforgettable! The gained knowledge and experience made us think about joining YEU. The more our youngsters took part in YEU events, the stronger our wish became. It almost seems that we have an addiction for YEU! The more you get involved, the more addicted you become and soon would not imagine your life without it! Now we are glad to say that finally we decided to apply for YEU membership. Hopefully we will be accepted!

Viimsi Youth Council is the representative body of Viimsi’s youth and youth organisations that involves youngsters working on voluntary basis. VYC is a non-governmental organisation established in  2004 and registered as a NGO in 2008 in Estonia.

Our aim is to be a trustworthy partner on youth matters to Viimsi Municipality, speak up in local, regional, national and international youth matters and develop youth work in general by organising different events and providing opportunities to youth self-realization and development. In addition we like to unite Viimsi’s youth to be a  unified community who share common interests and have a desire to develop local life not only in youth matters but in general well-being as well. VYC is also a member of Eurodesk networkEvery youngster who is older than 16 years may become a member of Viimsi Youth Council.  

We see the network of YEU as a great opportunity to step forward and involve ourselves in international youth work with the aim to form a better European society for young people. So far we have been active mainly on local level as we lacked courage and necessary knowledge, skills and awareness. But with the help of YEU we understood that everything is possible or at least nothing is impossible! And here we are - taking our baby steps on international level and giving our input to create the society we would like to live in.

We find international cooperation extremely vital. In today's  world it seems quite stupid to stay inside your borders and stick to things that you know . We believe that all together we are stronger and can really make our voices heard whether it would be on local, regional, national or international level. Gaining knowledge and experience from so many different youth organizations involved in YEU’s network will not only help to develop our organization and local youth work but will give our youngsters the opportunity to open their eyes and see what is out there – a world full of unknown territories worth exploring! And by that we do not mean only  exploring different countries and cultures, but exchanging ideas, thoughts and experience, discussing the things that matter to us and realize that even the smallest act can lead to something life changing!

Of course we are not leaches eating the energy and ideas of the network, but willing to invest our energy, ideas, knowledge, skills and time to develop the network and its activities in order to reach the things and changes we believe in.


Triin Rebane

Viimsi Youth Council

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