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The birth of New Egypt


It was like a dream. Everyone wants freedom but no plan to have it. Everyone complains but no one cares. Anyone who talks in politics keeps looking around himself waiting for police to come and capture him. Political corruption was expanding day by day and Egyptians didn’t take action. There was something abnormal in those people, why don’t they change their reality?? Even though there were books written in this issue “Why Egyptians don’t revolute”. 

Some people called this case the Stockholm syndrome where the oppressed get used to the oppressor and the oppression process. The revolution in Egypt was like a room filled with gas and the spark needed to blow up and demolish all the corruption in the whole country. People were suffering for decades. This supbression was mainly carried out by the Egyptian police. Everyone who criticized the regime was taken away and no one ever heard about him/her again. This nowhere was called “the state security premises”. Thanks to the Tunisian revolution, Egyptians were inspired to start changing their reality and country for a better one. 

Protesting  in Facebook

A campaign was started by some activists on Facebook in December 2010 to protest against poverty, human rights violations and equality on January 25th, 2011. The regime didn’t seem to care about this protest, they thought that it will be like other small protests held before and they will dismiss those people by the forces. 

January 25th 2011 was a special day in Egyptian history, young people did not start a protest, they initiated a revolution to change Egypt and they wanted to change the whole regime that ruled Egypt for decades of injustice, discrimination and suppression.

From 25th till 28th of January and on Wednesday that was called the Deadly Wednesday more than 300 martyrs were killed by police forces. Those brave martyrs revolted and presented their lives for the sake of freedom of the entire nation. Tahrir Square in Cairo’s downtown was the witness of this revolution since the killing of the brave youth till the victory of their revolution.

Egyptians being killed by the police instead of protecting

The prospective day began and the protest started, the protesters were asking for several reforms, but no action was taken from the President or even the government. The second day started with the revolution getting up higher and higher, but no action was taken either and in these moments Egyptians were being killed by the police weapons instead of being protected by them. Friday, January 28th, known also as “Friday of Anger” as the police couldn’t maintain peaceful protesting and started to kill their own citizens. Once after the Friday prayer and before the protest began, there was a moment of shock for the protesters - the Police started to throw tear bombs and use rubber bullets on the protesters even before they started to gather for protesting. This was the moment where clashes between protesters and police began. At this point protesters converted from protesting mode to revolting mode and they pledged to sacrifice their life for the sake of Egyptians’ dignity. People were asking themselves where is the President and the government? The situation was Security vs. revolutionists and where is the political interference? No action was taken during the following day. At night the former President Mubarak came with a statement, it was something that had no meaning and raised the protesters anger as they considered it not showing neither respect to the Egyptian dignity nor to people’s demands. Revolutionists asked the army to interfere as many martyrs were killed, and once the decision of the army to interfere and force a curfew; no police forces were seen on the streets. They wanted to make a security gap on the streets and let gangsters terrify people, but Egypt is the country of brave youth that care and defend it. Immediately youth in every city in Egypt made public committees to guard their homes and shops from thieves. This was a kind of plan to crack Egyptian security as a punishment from the police to Egyptians.

The next day Mubarak came with another Statement but it was a threatening one, he was showing in it how he was a brave army man and he will not leave this country to fall down. He was trying to vibrate the string of fear inside Egyptians as if he left the rule and the country to fall down. A lot of people believed him and had sympathy for him. But the next day was the reality behind his fake words. The revolutionists didn’t stop revolting so Mubarak’s followers sent some gangsters to El Tahrir square to hit, kill and dismiss the revolutionists with the help of Police snipers that were centered on the top of some buildings around the square. This day was a real massacre in the square; more than 300 martyrs were killed in the revolution most of them were killed in that day so it was called “Bloody Wednesday”.

Tahrir Square was the headquarters of the Egyptian revolution. The revolution lasted for eighteen days and finally Omar Soliman, the Vice-President, came with a statement that declared Mubarak is no longer in office and he stepped down.

Time for the real change

After that the real change began. Egyptian youth calibrated their victory. They also began to change their attitude and improve it. Of course, this revolution and lake in the security affected the tourism in Egypt and its one of the sources of income for Egypt, so youth began to create campaigns for tourists to build trust once again. Others created campaigns for solidarity.  Some NGOs were interested in spreading political awareness among youth, one of them “Development No Borders”. I had the honor to be part of it. Development will have no ending in Egypt as New Egypt was born.

The new Egypt was born on January 25th 2011. It was a loud scream done by the brilliant Egyptian people. Like any Egyptian loves his country and proud of belonging to this civilization ‘EGYPT’ didn’t bear to see that much of corruption on daily basis. I am proud of being one of those brilliant people who created the chance to choose its destiny, decided to feel, live, and get the freedom they always longed for. I really won’t be silent again. I’m feeling more courageous to say NO to corruption from now on.


Mahmoud Magdy and Rasha el Shiekh


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