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From an idea to the first youth theatre, story of Valentina Antic


Everything started when we finished our high school, in which we attended our drama sections, and our own youth festival - TEEN FEST. It's amazing but above all inspiring, when you see around 150 youngsters and their profesors, engaged in 9 days festival, supporting each other, acting, being creative, etc.  After highschool we didnt had a place where we can spread our energy, talents, share love with theatre, so one day, my friends, collegues and I,  were on a  coffee and we decided to open a youth theatre! Just like that.

After a long paper procedures we did it! And on the 14th October in 2011, was the Grand Opening and our first play „The night is dark!„. Play was directed by Zdravko Savic, and the scenario is writen by Aleksandar Popovic, one of the most famous writers of Serbian dramas.

I can't describe how I felt that night, my heart was full when we saw that theatre was crowded, and too small to receive all people who wanted to be with us that night.

Main challenges we faced were financial of course. But we overcomed them. We used things from our home, some of the small local companies also helped. And the very positive thing is that we got a space for our theatre in Cultural Center Krusevac , for free, and after 3 years we are still there and we have excellent cooperation with them!

What I am really proud of is that interest for our theatre is really high, because we offer different opportunities – to act, to write scenarios, design costumes, scenografy, to create new masks, make up... Last month we had an audition for new members and we had around 40 people who applied! 

Project we are really proud about: is our last one, because with this project we gave the opportunity to young people who are form our city and who are styding something what is connect with art and theatre. For example, scenario is writen by Jovan Ristic, student of dramatology on the Faculty of Arts, scenografy is worked by Tamara Rakic, student of Art academy, costumes are desigend by sudent of  Tekstile design High School, make up by Maca, and music is composed by Aleksa Petrovic, high school student also from Krusevac.  Our play is directed by profesional young actors form our town - Boba Stojimirovic and Zdravko Savic. In whole play we have 14 actors with different backgrounds, students,  employed and unemployed young people, and 5 volunteers who are helping during the play.

During this 3 years of establishing the theatre, we passed a lot of phases, a bad onces, and good onces,  we have 17 awards from different festivals in Serbia and in the region, we have 4 plays, we got involved in Youth in action programe, we started  working workshops with our members on the theatre of opressed.  We learned that its possible to make a change, that is possible to develope your ideas with a support of your friends...

So for all of you who are reading this – dream, wish, think positive and fight for it!

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