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ZID Montenegro

Asocijacija Za Demokratski Prosperitet

Acronym: ZID

Association for Democratic Prosperity - Zid – is non-profit organization established 1996. in Podgorica, and the scope of work in the beginning was student's questions within University of Montenegro. Organization has developed step by step, and 10 years later ADP ZID is one of most developed non-governmental organization in Montenegro. Of course, youth was and still is the focus of work within organization, as well as volunteerism and community development.

Well developed and democtratic society of equal citizens, open for different initiatives and changes, aiming permanent improvement of life quality for people who live in it.

ADP – Zid promote and strenghtening participation of individuals and organizations in process of development of civil society trough realization of inovative programmes aiming strenghtening of democratic processes and contributing development of community.

Aims of organization
• Increasing individual opportunities for development and active participation of citizens, especially young people, in local community, using promotion of volunteerism, mobility, non-formal education, initiatives for advocacy and services.
• Advance quality of life within community, urging citizens, administrative organs and political parties on cooperation and on that way to make them to take over active responsibility for self-development.
• Starting dialogue and contribute to sloving problems within society, using different media and cultural forms.

Address: VII Omladinske 30 P.fah 370 81000 Podgorica

Country: Montenegro

Telephone: +382 20 20 71 30 / Fax +382 20 20 71 31

Email: zid(AT)


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