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Ενωμένες Κοινωνίες των Βαλκανίων/United Societies of Balkans - U.S.B.

Ενωμένες Κοινωνίες των Βαλκανίων/United Societies of Balkans

Acronym: USB

United Societies of Balkans (U.S.B.) is a non-governmental, non-profit organization, founded in 2008 in Thessaloniki, by a team of active young people, socially sensitized and with rich experience around voluntary programs. The organization was created under the pressure of rapid changes in our region and the social transformations within and around it, as well as due to the need for improvement of the living/social conditions and the need for protection of human rights and peaceful co-operation.
The main activities and projects are on international, European and local level, including:
Educational programs and training courses (seminars and youth exchanges), Hosting and Sending of volunteers, through the action “European Voluntary Service”, by Erasmus+ Programme, Local intervention, Researches, Advocacy and Information Campaigns, Creation of manuals & production of documentaries, Conferences.
The actions organized by "United Societies of Balkans" are being funded by donations, sponsorships, voluntary subscriptions of friends and members of the organization and from national and EU Programmes such as the National Agecy of EU Programmes, Youth in Action, Erasmus + Programme, Eurodesk, the Council of Europe, the State Scholarships Foundation, the European Commission, the Greek Institute of Culture - Anna Lindh and etc.
U.S.B. envisions a global, inclusive society, where all citizens will contribute equally to the formation of a world with fewer prejudices, discrimination and other forms of injustice. The ways to reach our visions are to activate youth mobility and to empower youth in order to promote intercultural dialogue. The aims of youth organization are:
The promotion of the value of volunteerism, active citizenship, youth mobility, non formal education and democracy
The use of New Media & Citizen Journalism for the encouragement of youth expression, raising awareness about Human Rights and promotion of intercultural dialogue
To locate and multiply the special cultural attributes of societies of Southeastern Europe
The furthering of the respect towards Human Rights, solidarity and diversity
To fight stereotypes and prejudices between Balkan countries
The development of a healthy cooperation between the countries of Southeastern & Eastern Europe with these of the rest of Europe

Address: Alamanas, 9, Agios Pavlos, P.A. 554 38, Thessaloniki

Country: Greece

Email: info(AT)



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