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Resource Centre Leskovac

Resurs Centar Leskovac

Acronym: RCLE

Resource Centre Leskovac was founded as a part of Resource Centres Network in March 2002 by Swedish Helsinki Committee for human rights and CHRIS Network-Committees for human rights in Serbia with a mission to act as a focal point and interlocutor of local and regional initiatives in different programmes (public advocacy, development, education etc.). Resource Centres are made to be tools and resources in order to increase life style quality in communities. Centres are open for everyone - NGO's and individuals, community in general. Since the target group of Resource Centre Leskovac is communities in general, especially marginalized and vulnerable groups, media, governmental and non-governmental organizations, activities were started just after the founding, stressing the community needs. Resource centre Leskovac is currently working in several fields, all related to community development and its empowerment.
Vision: Developed and opened local community in which citizens actively participate in decision making process and create guidelines for the development and respect of democratic society.
Mission: RC Leskovac acts as an interlocutor of local community development, which raises civil awareness by initiating and realising local, regional and international initiatives, development and sustainable programmes which are directed to promotion and strengthening of civil society, rule of law, human rights and freedom, as the basic preconditions for integration into the modern and democratic EU society.

Address: Strahinjica Bana str 3, PoBox 72, 16000 Leskovac Serbia

Country: Serbia

Telephone: +381 16 232 811

Email: office(AT)


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