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Mental Health Masters Association (MHMA)

Mental Health Masters Association

Acronym: MHMA

Mental Health Masters Association (MHMA) is a non-profit organization created by Mental Health MA Students. The organization works in the directions of raising awareness and challenging stigma in the field of mental health and mental diseases, as well as promotes human rights based mental health reform in the country of Georgia. Main target population of MHMA is Youth. Considering that 75% of mental health problems are formed by the age of 24, we aim to invest in preventive measures and support (1) overall healthy lifestyle of youth and (2) sensitize them towards early signs of conditions. Another target group is Georgian authorities and decision makers. We aim to provide them with empirical evidence and international best practices of human rights based mental healthcare.

Considering that contemporary vision of mental health shifted from binary approach (presence or absence of the disease) to staging approach (all stages of the pathway from well being towards different stages of the disease) mental conditions start with non-specific mental distress, and may progress towards syndromes and full scale mental disorders. Our vision is that human rights based mental healthcare in Georgia should support continuous care, starting with awareness raising of youth for prevention, continuing with community based different services and finalizing the healthcare chain with mental health hospitals; thus, providing relevant services on each stage of mental condition. Our holistic vision is to enhance bio-psycho-social approach towards health in general, and inform mental health reform of the country with psychological and social determinants of mental well being, as proposed by UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Our mission is to decrease stigma in the field of mental health, and safeguard mental health via raising awareness about mental health problems, and preventing mental diseases.

Country: Georgia

Telephone: +995 593560304

Email: mhma.georgia(AT)


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