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Impronta Giovani

Impronta Giovani

Acronym: Impronta Giovani

Impronta Giovani is a non profit organization, legally registered in Italy with VAT number 93333230725, run by young people for young people on a voluntary basis and a democratic structure.The aims is to foster closer cooperation and better understanding among the young people of the world, both between and within continents, particularly by encouraging the exchange of information and experience; to stimulate mutual aid in the developed and the developing countries for cultural, educational and social purposes; to encourage the exchange of ideas and opinions; to improve the relationship among young people from countries with differing political systems, religious believes and traditions thus fostering tolerance; to work together on issues affecting people and their environment.

Address: Viale Priolo 5A, 70128 Bari

Country: Italy

Email: antonio(AT)


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