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Foundation of Regional Initiatives

Фонд регіональних ініціатив

Acronym: FRI, Kyiv

Foundation of Regional Initiatives (more known among the young people as FRI) – is a youth public organization, which works on all the territory of Ukraine with the purpose of the institutional strengthening of youth motion, studies and providing of active participants of associations of young people, development of student and on the whole youth initiatives.
FRI unites in the rows young active people, who help to develop youth motion of Ukraine, associations of young people, and also those young people which have active position in relation to the issues of the present day in Ukraine.
In 2002 the activists of youth public motion founded a new association — Foundation of Regional Initiatives. For two years of activity FRI went out on leading positions in youth motion of Ukraine, due to the solidarity, activity and influentiality.
On the 17th of October, 2004 all-Ukrainian FRI was created, which had united all existing by then cells. One of initiators and founders of organization, Oleksandr Solontay was elected as the head of the all-Ukrainian.

Address: ул. Турівська, 31, оф. 28, Kyiv, 01001

Country: Ukraine

Telephone: +38 063 576 1839

Email: info(AT)



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