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Association for Development, Education and Labour

Association for Development, Education and Labour

Acronym: ADEL Slovakia

We are an organization, which creates opportunities for young people who would like to be active, would like to try and learn something new and gain new experience and knowledge for personal as well as professional development and growth.

Our goals are:
- to increase employment of young people and to support their personal and professional development;
- to stimulate their creation of new and innovative ideas as the basis for entrepreneurial initiatives of young people, to motivate them and support them in their path towards their own businesses;
- to promote active citizenship, civic participation and volunteering;
- to encourage a responsible attitude towards nature and animals, promote a healthy lifestyle and protect the environment;
- to contribute to the development of rural areas and disadvantaged regions and bring educational opportunities to young people with fewer opportunities;
- to endorse the elimination of gender stereotypes, support integration of minorities and refugees into the society and promote equality of opportunity for all.

Country: Slovakia

Email: info(AT)


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